Esther Terry Stansu

Esther Terry Stansu , MS, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

333 17th street, suite W,
Vero Beach, Florida 32960

9300 SW 77 Avenue A5,
Miami, Florida 32963

Bachelors from F.I.U and
Master Degree in Clinical psychology from Nova University.

Studied Addiction, immediately after obtaining my Graduate Degree at The University of Miami.
More than 20 years of therapy experience.

Yoga Instructor since 2000.

My history

Born in Venezuela, I was raised by Italian parents, conjugating two cultures during my childhood and youth. Later, I decided to move to the United States, looking for a better education.

Since very young I have been interested in finding out what people might feel inside, in spite of what they appeared to feel on the outside. Thus, I decided to find in psychology a technique to bring awareness of the human mind through a simple conversation. With a very wide view of the Western world, now complemented by my educational and cultural development in the United States, I felt that I still lacked a part of the equation: the spirit. So I decided to study and practice yoga as a spiritual discipline, finally finding the balance between mind, body, and spirit I was looking for so long.

I enjoy equally teaching yoga or therapy sessions, trying to guide my clients and students to a more peaceful and happier path towards living this very challenging yet wonderful life.