Let's talk with Esther

I believe the mind has an incredible power to create anything at any age, to create a great deal of sorrow and chaos or create a great deal of happiness and serenity. Our thoughts need to be harnessed, for complete psychological well being.

I believe that through Talking and expressing your sadness, your stressor, and your doubts, you can vent and get rid of the toxins that are poisoning your thoughts in a safe space, where at the same time you can organize your thoughts, and create the best version of yourself.

My approach is simple yet very effective:

I specialize in depression, anxiety, couples counseling and stress management.

Let's talk with Esther
The tools are simple: Let's Talk

Once you allow your thoughts, your sadness, your resentment, your anger, your doubts and your fears to come up to the surface, we can look at them together and find resolution, and space where growing can take place.

Stress Management techniques and exercise are practiced and suggested in order to reduce cravings as well as increase your ability to being more at ease with situations or emotions.
Let's talk with Esther
It’s important to communicate in our native language.

Experience suggested that better results are obtained when using our maternal language. So let’s talk in English or in Spanish whatever is best for you.
I believe...